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"THE GLOVES ARE OFF! Protesters Call to End School Closures; Ready For November DPS Board Elections" Greater Park Hill Community, By Lynn Kalinauskas
Koch Brothers Target Colorado for ESA Vouchers Diane Ravitch's Blog
Letter: Look at charter school test data The Coloradoan   
By Steven Schiola
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Denver Public Schools sued over ‘family enterprise’ inside school Fox31, By Chris Halsne
How charter schools are dodging Colorado lawsNew Paragraph The Colorado Independent, By Marianne Goodland 
An inside look at how the Koch brothers are flexing their political muscle to spread message of school choice, ESAs The Denver Post, By John Frank 
New ParagraphDenver teachers union’s strategy for this year’s contract negotiations: Go big Chalkbeat, Melanie Asmar 
Denver area schools continue to battle segregation and related issues The Denver Post, By Monte Whaley
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